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iPhone Notification Issues


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Have an iPhone 8, latest iOS.   few days ago, for no apparent reason I started having issues with my notifications on my history screen. Typically i could tap on a notification and it would bring me to that app...Nest or Instagram, weather or news. When i went back to the history screen, all the rest of the notifications would still be there. Now when i tap, it opens up the appropriate app but then when i go back, most all are gone. Mostly happens with Instagram notifications. Have tried all suggestions found via Google...i.e. resetting notifications, erasing and reinstalling app, resetting network settings, even doing a complete phone erase and reinstall from iCloud.

All to no avail. Any suggestions?

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And you’re running iOS 11, yes? I ask only because the iOS 12 betas fundamentally change the way Notifications work, so just curious.

As for this, bizarre. Does Do Not Disturb mode have any impact?

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iOS 11 and changing Do Not Disturb has no effect.  Apple Support Chat so far was of no help.  When i nuked and paved, i host Erase All Content and Settings.  Is there a difference if i chose Restore to Factory Settings and then restored?