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[Solved] iPhone Purchasing Advice


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Need iPhone purchasing advise. Teenage son needs new phone - current phone, iPhone 7 has a shattered screen and bad battery. Two options:

1. Upgrade my wife’s XS Max to the equivalent 13 Pro Max, around $1,100 and then give him her XS Max.

2. Buy him an iPhone 11 - around $500. Wife keeps here existing phone another year. 


1 Answer

Get the Wife a new iPhone, unless she does not want it (her opinion on this is the key).

Because if you wait a year to get your Wife a new iPhone,  then you will have spent $500 + $1100 next year and you will not have a home for the XS Max, and chances are as a trade-in it will not repay the $500 you spend this year.

Getting the iPhone 13 Pro Max this year is just a single $1100 output instead of $1600 over 2 years.

@datafornothinandbitsforfree Thanks! That makes sense.