iPhone screen scratched  



Hi all,

I have an iPhone 11 pro. Went for a hike/climb. Had the phone in my pocket. Something must have scratched the screen
a few questions

1. will Apple replace a screen if just scratched?

2. I have AppleCare +  (part of the iPhone upgrade program). How much is it?

3. If replaced, it’s still the same waterproof/resistant as before?

4. If I’m part of the upgrade program. Do I have to get it replaced ?



1 Answer

These are good questions and I would start by calling Apple. I think there are not many things that can scratch an iPhone in a pocket. What else did you have in your pocket at the time?


Nothing else. I was on a hike that involved some climbing My guess is that debris from the rocks might have gotten in my pocket and rubbed against the screen when climbing