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iPhone space bar as a cursor trackpad  



iPhone space bar can be an up/down/left/right cursor trackpad

Click and hold the space bar and you can move the cursor.  This is similar but different from the hard press on the keyboard.  You need far less space, and there is less chance of entering a key if you do not press correctly.

I should add.  iOS 12 feature (maybe 12.1, not sure).

I have a co-worker on iOS 11 and it does not work there.

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Too funny. We mentioned this yesterday in MGG 736 at:

  • 00:18:36 David-QT-Moving the text cursor on iOS

I'm obviously behind.  I tend to listen to MGG either while vacuuming, biking/rollerblading, or much later as part of an iPod podcast compilation in my car while commuting to/from work.

For a while, I did listen to the MGG live-stream when it was Sunday's and I was not otherwise occupied.

No worries! The episode's been out less than 24 hours. 🙂 I just thought it was ironic that this tip suddenly appeared everywhere simultaneously.