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iPhone won't back up due to corrupted app – but which app?


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I'm hoping someone can help me out.

I just noticed that my iPhone SE hasn't been backed up for over six months.

When i try backing up in the finder it simply fails with the message:

Could not back up the iPhone “iPhone” because an error occurred.

When I try making a backup with iMazing I get the message:

iMazing could not back up iPhone. An app installed on your device seems to be corrupted and therefore iMazing cannot back up your device.

Details: Error (101) stat error: Illegal byte sequence (92) at path "/.ba/mobile/Library/UserNotifications/09C299B6-6592-41DF-966A-5098DF631903/PendingNotifications.plist" (MBErrorDomain/101

The question is how do I figure out which app is corrupted?

thanks in advance for your help ...

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There’s probably more info in the logs. But reading the console logs is difficult. I suggest calling Apple support. They ought to be able to look at the logs and diagnostics, and figure out which app is the culprit. 


Also see if iMazing support have any ideas on identifying the culprit given their software seems to have at least reported the corruption.


If your iPhone doesn't want to reboot, then maybe you just don't have enough memory in your phone. I had this before, but then I came across an article which helped me choose the best external iPhone storage drives. You can try it too, maybe it will help. If there is more memory, then maybe your problem will disappear.