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Irc Client Recommendations  



I use an IRC Client on my iPad and iPhone to connect to the TWIT IRC server and Freenode servers. My problem is Mutter is no longer supported and it is annoying to use now. (It never saves the connections between uses)

Do people have a recommendation of IRC client that works on the iPad first and possibly the iPhone?

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Great question. I used Colloquy (on all platforms) for a long time. The Mac version would only work if you found the unofficial beta. I lost the links for that a long time ago, and recently decided I should move to something actively-developed. Textual was my final answer (or, well, final for now!).

For iOS I still run Colloquy, but the most recent update was over a year ago, so I probably should find something else. igloo IRC for iOS is one I've heard recommended, and is actively developed, but I haven't tried it yet.


Thanks. I will try that one. I bought Colloquy awhile back and really like Mutter.

I use irssi on my Mac (i.e. a Terminal-based IRC client). I like Terminal-based apps.