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Is 32 GB really enough storage for a new iPad these days?  


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I'm getting a new iPad, primarily for my 9 year old kid, who now has an iPad 4 (16 GB) that's stuck on iOS 10 and out of storage. The storage is full from apps and system, not photos/videos which are all on Google Photos.

I'm leaning toward the 2018 iPad 32 GB, because it's just $250 now, and the A10 chip is good enough for a kid.

But I'm concerned that 32 GB is not enough storage for a new iPad in 2019. I've read that the System alone varies from 8 GB - 25 GB, based on various user posts. On my iPhone X (ios 12) it's 10 GB.

For another $80, I can get the 128 GB iPad. That seems like way more storage than I'll need, but it's the next price step.

Beyond that, another $150 gets the new iPad Air 64 GB. That storage seems right, and it's a much better device, but at $480, it's almost 2x the price of the iPad 32 GB, and really too much for a kid's iPad (that's more likley to be dropped one day).

QUESTION -- I know "it depends what apps you have", but generally, is really 32 GB enough storage these days? Or should I just bite the $80 bullet for the 128 GB model?

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I think 32GB is tight if you're going to be putting any media on there at all. You can fit a few movies alongside your apps, but it'll get pretty cramped pretty quickly. I agree that 64GB is the sweet spot right now. And, as you noted, that's not really an option for the way you're leaning.

Perhaps look at it this way: the more capable iPad will last you longer, likely saving you money down the road.

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Thanks Dave, you helped me pull the trigger on the 128GB -- and feel good about it.

Glad to hear it, @toddz7000! I've been told I'm an expensive guy to know, but hopefully that means good results in the end. 😉