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Is Siri down?  



Hi all,

it seems Siri is not responding at all on my iOS devices for the past two days. This morning about 20 minutes ago in the middle of a Siri inquiry (I was accessing a known good working shortcut with Siri) BOTH my iPhone X and 2018 iPad Pro rebooted on their own AT THE SAME TIME. Ive never seen anything like this before. It’s like apple initiated a remote reboot of both my devices. 

Have any other people having Siri issues, and reboot issues like this  

any ideas?

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I power cycled BOTH my IOS devices and it brought Siri back up. The weird spurious soft reboot of both iOS devices at the same time (both batteries were fully charged) is still an unexplained mystery, but I hope this helps someone else if they ever run into it.

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I've the same issue right now. You basically restarted your iPhone and that's it?