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Issue with separate iOS and Mac albums in Photos App


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Hello. I’m having problems with an issue regarding the albums. I organized all of my photos in albums in photos app in my Macbook and the synchronized all the photo library with my iphone, so that I can have the same photos and albums in both devices. The problem is that when I want to add photos to those albums directly from the photos app in iOS, it doesn’t give me the option to add it to those albums, only to create new ones. In the Photos App in iOS is like I have 2 libraries, one with the Mac albums and other with iOS albums. Is there a way to have one library with one set of albums synchronized in all devices without differences?

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Yes, an "iTunes sync" of the photos on your Mac across to your iPhone is one direction only in terms of albums. In this scenario, effectively the iPhone acts as a camera to capture photos, iTunes then copies the photos from the "camera roll" across to the Mac, Photos app on the Mac is used to organise them, and iTunes is used to copy the read-only albums back to the iPhone.


The Apple line of thinking is that if you want full 2-way synchronisation you should turn on iCloud Photo Library on all your devices (and pay the requisite fee to have enough iCloud storage). There are other 3rd party options but they don't have the same deep integration as iCloud.