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Keeping 2 iPhones separate


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I have owned an iPhone 7 for a year now (various jobs have given me a cell phone for the past 20 years so I've never owned one until recently), and a new job has given me an iPhone 8.  I'd like to keep information on the phones separate except for apps and perhaps music - work cell has Outlook contacts and Outlook calendar and would connect to a PC for backup, personal phone has a different e-mail account and BusyCal and would connect to my MacBook Pro at home for backup.

I read online that I could use the same Apple ID for both phones but separate iCloud accounts, then set up Family Sharing so the work phone can access stuff from the personal phone if needed.  Is this the right way to approach this separation of work and home?

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Just a clarification: Apple ID is not a service working on your iPhone, it's basically just a username and password. You use your Apple ID to sign into the following services on an iPhone:

- iCloud for photos, documents, notes, backup, keychain and all that jazz.
- "iTunes & App Store" which is your apps and your Apple Music or iCloud Music Library.
- iMessage and Facetime, which works seperatly.
- And obviously other services as needed, but these three are the basics.

Regarding family sharing purposes, the only thing you actually share is purchased apps, an Apple Music subscription (this requires a Apple Music family subscription), iCloud Storage and your location.

So: yes. Go for it 🙂

Thanks for the clarification - I ended up putting the settings on the work phone to sync apps and music I've purchased and left iCloud turned off since I can't create two iCloud accounts for my one Apple ID (you can use two iCloud accounts on one Apple ID, but that 2nd account has to belong to a 2nd Apple ID). My work contacts/mail/calendar are all backed up through Office 365, and any photos or texts I'll back up through iMazing - it's the only way I can see to make it work....


I like that idea. We’ve talked about this in the context of two people sharing an Apple ID for Photos, and similar concepts apply. Use one for the App Store and another for your iCloud services if you like.