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Live Listen always gives “Unavailable for current route”  



I’m trying to get Live listen to work on my AirPods (for my mom, actually).  I have an iPhone 8 with 12.1, and every time I try and turn on the feature in the control center, the feature has “Unavailable for current route”, and won’t let me turn it on.  My AirPods are in my ears and work just fine for music/phone, but I wanted to use this feature so I could talk to my hard-of-hearing mom in a noisy setting.  Any suggestions?

2 Answers

I vaguely recall having this issue during the iOS 12 beta.... and I believe that removing and re-adding the AirPods in bluetooth settings resolved the issue.


Check if you have another apple device also connected to the headphones.  If so, turn of its bluetooth, then reconnect the headphones to the original device.

My Dad has Soniq hearing aids that connect to an iPhone6 via bluetooth. At some point he got the “Unavailable for current route”  message and couldn't listen to anything. He also has an iPad Air but doesn't use it much.

I tried all the settings but was unable to get the connection working again. The hearing aids were recognised and connecteed, bluetooth on, MiFi setttings under General->Accessibility was good.

A few days later the connection started working fine. I suspected that his iPad had gone to sleep or ran out of battery. 

As a test, I turned on the iPad and its bluetooth, and the problem came back. After turning of bluetooth on the iPad, the iPhone didn't work immediately, but a quick toggle of the bluetooth setting got it back up and running.

Posting this because I couldn't find an explanation on the web.