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Mac Geek Gab Podcast App Crashing


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For the last week or so my copy of the MGG podcast app has crashed immediately upon opening. I was attempting to listen to episode 740, and it took several - 5 or 6? - tries before it did not crash.  Today, I tried to open the app again, but it again would only crash within a few seconds of launch. 

I deleted the app and re-downloaded it, which I thought did the trick, but then I had to go through and mark the full list of episodes as “listened to.”  About a dozen or so episodes down the list, another crash.

Am I the only one experiencing this?  Is there a fix?

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I just tried the MacGeekGab app, and I had the same experience.  It came up, showed a list of recent podcasts, and then I was back at the iOS Springboard interface.

If I quickly tap on Downloaded, it stays up.

After that, it has stayed up even when I change back to Unplayed or All. 

I've done multiple close/open cycles and it is now staying up. 

I've done a power cycle, and again the app has stayed up.

I'm guessing there was something in one of the Unplayed descriptions that was causing a fault, that switching to my Downloaded tab (where I did not have anything downloaded), allowed the code to get past the issue, and set things up in a cache or some other persistent state.


Sorry about this, all. I’ve let Cory know, and we're digging into it.

Shout out to Cory and the TMO team for a great app though! I have not had any issues personally.


Why not tyring force quitting it or force restart your device? If it still meets with this issue, then you are suggested to use a third-party tool such as TunesKit iOS System Repair to fix it.