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[Solved] MMS and Group Messaging broke with IOS 12 and AT&T  



I don't know if this is an IOS 12 issue or not. I switched from t-mobile to AT&T because that is the best carrier to upgrade your phone without going into the store. Anyway, when I switch, MMS and Group messaging broke. So if I turn MMS and Group messaging off, they work, if I turn them on, they are broke. It is like the message setting went backwards with the switch. This is what I see. The morning before I switched, I was texting a group of 9 people with a mix of android and iphone. I could send pictures and sent texts and do everything normal, with MMS and group messaging on. Then I switch to AT&T and I try and sent a text to that group and it is undeliverable. In fact, I cannot send to any android group or a mix. After being on the phone with AT&T, I decided to turn of MMS and Group messaging. Now I can send texts and pictures to the 9 person group no problem. Strange.

I know, in the past, when I switch carriers, I get a "carrier settings updated" message some time during the after the switch. I have not seen that yet, and I wonder if IOS 12 beta is blocking the carrier settings updating.

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AT&T had to delete my phone from their system, which deleted my account on the AT&T servers.  Then I took the AT&T sim out, turned my phone off and they ported my number to a new sim.  I then turned everything back on and created a new account with AT&T with a "new" phone and everything works now.  

wow! That’s quite the solution. Glad you got it sorted. 😉


Whoa, that's bizarre. I've never seen that before! Might be worth calling AT&T to see if there's some setting on your iPhone that's wonky now. I'm thinking that something like a 'Reset Network Settings' might do it, but I'm not sure that's the one I would try (though it really doesn't hurt very much to try that).