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music keyboard to iOS (garage band?)


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OK, I'm a complete newbie here on the subject of music AND iOS. My daughter wants to make music, which is great! She dables in garage band and tried to learn some songs on the piano but says the keyboard is way too small to do anything. So I checked online and bought her a Casio CTK-3500 at bestbuy, which I can return within 30 days if it doesn't meet her needs. It's my wife that bought the keyboard and the guy at the store told here she didn't need the lightning to camera adapter to hook it up with the iPad, so she didn't buy the adaptor:-( The casio comes with an app to learn 50 songs and it works with the 3.5mm regular audio cable. My question is, will it work as a midi controler in Garageband? will she be able to make the keyboard do any instrument she wants in GB? Do I really need the lightning to camera adaptor (which is a female USB A port) to connect to a USB A male to USB B cable which will fit in the USB B female on the keyboard? Since Dave is a musician, ok just a "drummer" but still;-) just joking Dave:-) I was a drummer myself in my teens. 

Anyway, here goal is to make music, and I'm guessing with multiple instrument in her songs so that's why I was thinking Garage Band, and she knows how this app works so, adding the keyboard was just to make it less cumbersome.

Thanks for any input on this!

OK I meant to say music working on iOS or with iOS, I'm not a newbie on iOS;-)

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