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No Messages app on erased iPhone...  



Hi all! Thank you for taking the time to read my post. My problem is that I gave my old iPhone 6 to my granddaughter. I erased it before giving it to her. When my son (her father) went to set it up he asked if I had removed the sim card-I had not. He says that iMessage/Messages app is not there. 

He was having a bad night and maybe he missed a step in setting up the phone for her but I was wondering if I got rid of Messages when I erased it... And if that happened how does he get it back? 

Thank you for your help. Judy/MeMaw

2 Answers

As far as I'm aware it is not possible to delete the Messages app. Some "pre-installed" Apple apps can be removed but not this one. So it seems most likely your son has "misplaced" the icon. Dragging down on the home screen brings up the search bar, so typing "messages" in that might show the app.

If there's still an issue, then perhaps doing a full reset (again?) might be appropriate.


Ok. That's what I kind of thought. I will ask him about it later. Thank you for replying! Judy