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Opening maps with other app!  



I like apple maps, but since it lacks the option to choose biking routes like you would on google maps or city mapper I’ve been wanting to use another app.

How can I set that app as default? (or can I?) When I tap on a map or “get directions” it only gives me the option to open it in apple maps.

I fear that’s just how it is, but still... if so, why hasn’t apple realized that some people use their bikes? I live in the Netherlands and it’d be so handy to be able to have bike lane only routes on maps (again, like google).

Thank you very much!

1 Answer

It’s never been possible to set default apps on iOS for specific URL types. You can only select a specific mapping app if the app you’re linking from offers it as a choice or uses it as a default.

For example, if you browse using a Chrome, Google Maps is probably the default. Or, the calendar app Fantastical offers Google Maps as an option for mapping event locations.

A workaround is to use a Siri Shortcut:

More on this ability: