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PSA: Screen Time Settings Ignores "Ask to Buy" setting  



I just got off the phone with Apple and you may want to put out a PSA on this one:

I have two grandkids, 8 and 5 and have their iPads listed and registered under my Family Account through Apple.  I have the “Ask to buy” checked so when they attempt to buy an app we get alerted to Approve or not.


Under Screen Time -> Family -> [Name] -> Content & Privacy Restrictions -> iTunes & App Purchases

There are toggles that OVERRIDE the “Alert to Buy” setting.  This means (yes, they did this ) was able to download, purchase, and subscribe to in-app purchases and apps without ANY notifications, thus completely bypassing the “Alert to Buy” process.

Apple acknowledged this behavior as valid, but I’m not sure I was successful in convincing them why this is such a problem.  According to the person, this is designed, desired behavior.

IMO if I have Ask to Buy checked for a child account, this should override the toggles under ScreenTime or at a minimum set the default to off.  My one grandchild had the overall toggle off, which meant he could basically buy or do whatever he wanted even though the Ask to Buy was checked and the other had the toggle on, but had the purchase toggles all set to Allow.

But the PSA here is if you have kids, go into the settings above and check what it’s toggled to, they might be subscribed or buying things and you have no idea.

The only reason I found out was I got a credit card alert for a large number of iTunes purchases in a few days.

One last note:  the in-app purchases and/or subscriptions cannot be viewed in any way without the actual device in hand.  There is no way under the family plan (as a manager/owner) so see in-app purchases or subscriptions made by any family member without the physical device.

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