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Reader view font selection  



Periodically when I’m reading something on my iPad in Safari I want to print a copy of the article. In order to not get all the extra junk that is on the screen, I switch to Reader View and then print the artlicle.  This works fine, except that the size of the font used in Reader View, which is fine for screen reading, wastes a lot of paper when printed.  Is there anyway to adjust the font size of Reader View in IOS?

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As far as I can see, while you can adjust the font size used by Reader View on the screen (by tapping the “AA” button at the right of the URL bar) this has no effect upon the font size when you send it to the printer.

A possible work around, if it is a real issue for you, would be to “send” the article to an editing app where you manually change the font size and then print?!?!


I dug into this a bit this morning and, no, doesn't seem like this is user-adjustable.

While experimenting, though, I found that simply disabling Reader View and printing the "normal" web page often resulted in something quite nice. And the best part is that you get to see the print preview before wasting paper, so perhaps that'll work alright for you?


The original question was asking how to change the format when it is printed, which I think we've established isn't affected by the on-screen format changes.

But I am intrigued by your statement that column width & line height is adjustable on-screen and that you can choose a custom theme - I can't see where/how that is done?