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Removing old/unused apps?  



I load a lot of apps onto my iPhone. Does anyone have a good way of figuring out which apps haven't been used in a while? I know it's probably impossible, but figured it's as good a question as any to use to get our group kicked off here! Maybe you'll have some thoughts about a different way to address app clutter. I'm tired of having to do the scroll of shame. 😉 

What I did is go into iTunes and app store in the settings and turned on "Offload unused apps" then when an app has not been used in a while I will see an icloud logo beside it meaning it has been offloaded, whenever I see that logo I ask my self, do I really need that app and usually delete it. may not be a good way to sit down and get it over with but its a good way to keep your home screen clean.

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As an FYI, not exactly the answer you were looking for but you could double-click the home button. The apps are arranged in order of most recently used.

Also …

    1. Open “Settings” in iOS, then choose “Battery”
    2. Scroll down to the “Battery Usage” section of settings and then tap on the clock icon
    3. Under the app name you can learn how much time an individual app has been used for.

Again, this is not the greatest answer but it can also reveal some analytics.


Not sure if this helps, but if you go to Settings->General->iPhone Storage the "Last Used" date is under each app.

That only shows 10 apps for me, but that’s a good catch. I never realized this was here. Thanks!

Interesting. I'm on 11.4 and mine show all 296 apps on my phone.

Oh, I keep forgetting my iPad is on the iOS 12 beta. So much of it looks the same that it’s easy to forget. I’ll check on my iPhone later. Thanks!

edit: and now they all appear on my iPad, too!


I like this answer, Ev! Using the cloud logo to indicate rarely-used apps is brilliant!


Yes you should remove old app.