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Hi-I got my husband a new iPad (9/2019) for his birthday. It is replacing a 3rd gen iPad. He plays solitaire and Angry Birds on it. We would like those apps to transfer the progress he has made from the old iPad to the new iPad. I am wondering if just doing an iCloud backup on his old iPad and doing a backup on his computer will do what we want when he gets his new iPad on Monday and sets it up. That's question #1. Question #2-does iMazing do a better job of migrating the progress of games to a new device? Thank you and I hope you all are well and staying safe, Judy

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My experience, admittedly mainly with Candy Crush, is that games may store this information in a way that is TIED to the device.

I tried all the different ways of transferring the CC game data between two iPads but despite the data being there, the game recognised it was from a different device & nulled it.

For Candy Crush I created an online ID (using Facebook authentication) which then put all my game info into that online account which I could log into on the new device.

On my iPhone I have a Solitaire game which has moved between devices when I upgrade every few years without any issue and without me having an online account or Game Centre login.

In summary, check the FAQ for each individual game.

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Thank you, Graham! That gives my husband something to check into. Have a great day and stay safe...