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Ringtones iOS 14 How do I get ringtone from messages into the sounds & Haptics ringtone list?


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I have ringtones that I have made in past years using GarageBand on my iMac.  Want to share with friend.  How do they get the ringtone from messages into the sounds & Haptics ringtone list.  Or from airdrop? Also when I make a ringtone in GarageBand how do I get it into that list?  I have watched a couple of good YouTube posts but am still having trouble. 
‘Appreciate any help🙂. Have also read GarageBand users guide.  

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Hi, this is what worked for me.

I have a friend with only an iPhone, no computer. I texted them regular m4a files, not ringtone formatted files. They had to install GarageBand on their iPhone, tap the Loops icon, then Audio Files, choose the sound file to import, adjust as desired, then export as a ringtone. That gets it into the ringtone list.

I could have sent them the sounds in ringtone format, but I am not sure if iOS GarageBand would let you import something that's already in ringtone format. I didn't test that out.

Good luck. Let me know how it works out!

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I also need to solve the same problem and I just know then I will use the HTML portal and dive into iOS 14. But I just know that, who can help me? Thanks very much.