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Screen protector and case for iPhone 11 and 11 pro?  



Hey guys, I remember Dave mentioning a screen protector a while back but can't remember the brand he was using and what others think about using a screen protector on those wonderful OLED display (in the case of the 11 pro). I'm paying a premium to get full colors and HDR and if I put something on it, it will surely dim the display somewhat, no? My daughter got the 11 and since she broke the screen on her 6s I'm thinking for her, that would be a good investment. She's got the AppleCare+ though, so is it worth having a screen protector since she is paying for Applecare? What do you guys think?

On the case side, I love my apple silicone case for my iPhone X, it's grippy, I never drop my iPhone because it can't slip my hand, which is fantastic. So I'm going to go with that on my 11 pro, but if I add a screen protector, would it come even with the edge of the case, meaning if there is a little gap between the glass and the surface of a table when it's face down, or would it come flush and the glass would actually touch the surface?

Anyway, thanks for any feedback on this:-)

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@jefflambert670: I just upgraded to the 11 Pro and the Purity Screen Protectors I have been using for the last several phones continue to work great. There's no noticeable dimming or any difference on the display that I can see. 

I just ordered the totallee Clear iPhone Case seeing it was marketed as one of the thinnest on the market, however it stills feels like a bulky rubber thing in my hand. You may find that case to be great if you're a phone of Apple's silicone case. With that case on it is flush with the screen protector so the glass would touch a surface if flipped over.

Still though, finding the thinnest possible case that also showcases the beauty of the phone is a bit of a holy grail for me, so I have just requested to return of the totallee and am switching back to the Pitaka Slim Case which I had a version of on my XS and loved, because it really feels so thin that you almost don't notice it. There's no see-through option, so the lovely green color on much of my 11 Pro will be hidden -- although there are areas on the sides and bottom where the color can be seen, which is kind of nice. Kind of like a colored accent to the sleek black/grey case. It feels really nice in the hand as well with a great grip. 


@tech_hero, thanks for your input. I see that both case you mentioned still have the cameras bump extruding from the case. That's one of the reason I went with Apple's, when you put the phone on a table, it doesn't wobble because the case is a bit thicker. I don't mind the thickness because I HATE that bump. As for the screen protector, I got two brand, one for my daughter's iPhone 11, and one for my other daughter's X, which would also fit my 11 pro. I didn't install those yet though so I can't tell how good they are yet. But they were in the same price range then yours so probably equivalent in quality.