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Since iOS 14 iMessage convos randomly re-sort and WiFi drops


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I’ve had a couple bugs that I can’t seem to find a lot of threads on or any sort of fix (or mention that they are known issues).

In iMessage conversations the messages will randomly reorder themselves and I can watch this happen in real time when I am in a conversation. Force quitting the app resolves it, but this is still very annoying as it happens mid conversation, multiple times per day.

This has happened on 2 phones. iPhone 11 Pro and my new 12 pro. The 12 pro was not restored from backup and has a clean OS install on it. I do use iMessage in iCloud (what I suspect is the root cause). This happens on both my iPad and my iPhone.

The WiFi issue seems to be that when I move to an area that the signal is not as strong (into my bathroom which has tile walls) I entirely lose WiFi. However it shows full bars in the menu. The biggest pain is that even when I go back to a strong signal- directly next to my router, it doesn’t re-connect. I have to disable WiFi and re-enable. Again this happened on both my 11 pro and my 12 pro.

Has anyone else experienced either of these issue or have any sort of fix for them?