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Siri won't talk to me.  



When I get up in the morning and go "Hey Siri" and ask a question, my iPhone 7 will blink on the bottom of the lock screen as if Siri awaits my question and then goes away as if I haven't said a thing. If I unlock the phone, press on the home button until Siri blinks on again and ask the same question, she will answer. 

After which time she will respond to me every time I say "Hey Siri" whether locked or not and respond as she is supposed to do. 

This happens every day no matter what time I initially ask Siri something with the Hey command. I've tried changing the Siri Settings, quitting the app, rebooting the iPhone and nothing seems to stop this behavior. The only thing I haven't tried is to restore the iPhone from iTunes. Any thoughts?


Another question is that I've set up a shortcut, where I can say Log my Weight and Siri will open up the Health app to weight and allow me to input my weight. What I like best about this is when I tell her to Log my Weight, she just does it, without any repeat of my command, she just goes to the right spot. I do get the ping that she is activated, but nothing else. I really like that feature that she won't repeat what I ask her. I don't need to have her say aloud what I said. I don't need to bother other people with her talking when she doesn't have to.  Is there a command that I can add to a shortcut or a switch I can flip that will allow me to tell Siri to do something for me and she just does it without repeating my question, like in my Log my Weight shortcut?


Any help would be appreciated. 

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@hdh15 I have this issue when using Siri in the car a lot. Same exact symptom. She wakes up, acts like she's listening, but then nada. Happens with CarPlay some of the time, happened a lot when I was on Bluetooth.

It seems like the iPhone uses its internal microphone for the wake word detection, then switches to whatever mic Bluetooth (or CarPlay) would dictate after that... and sometimes the transition loses things. If I say, "Hey Siri Call My Wife" and get it all in before the transition happens, it works. But if I say, "Hey Siri..." and wait, well, not so much.

Is it possible that you're on a different headset or something?

I’m not on any headset. I could be holding the phone right up to my mouth and speaking with no pause. Hey Siri What time is it? She’ll blink on start writing what I said and then blink off. Once I hold down the home button to activate her and ask a question, she’ll answer me and then be fine the rest of the day, whether I’m holding the button or not.


If this is happening in the morning, what could potentially be happening overnight? Do you say something to Siri before? Do you dock or charge your iPhone? Do you happen to use DND and/or the Bedtime feature?

Are you running normal iOS or beta? If latter, you can actually report the issue in the Feedback app. Last time I did that with a Siri issue, someone replied, asking me to install a profile, replicate the issue and send the logs to Apple. Problem got fixed in next beta version.