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Songs skipping, garbled, merging into one another on iPhone & iPod Touch  



I’m working with someone when songs are playing strangely on iPod Touch & iPhone XS.   They sound totally fine on the computer. I tried the following:

— wipe iPod and restore to factory, update to latest iOS and sync songs back over

— don’t wipe phone, but completely unsync all music, then resync all music back on

This seemed to work temporarily, but then she just sent me this email:

“Well I thought we fixed the issue. The songs we focused on were playing okay. But while in the car today, connected to bluetooth, one song after another stopped, skipped to the next song, and even sounded like two songs were playing at the same time. 
When I got home, I tested my computer, phone, and iPod with a corded connection to the stereo. Computer was fine, but the other two were completely messed up.”
Any thoughts on next troubleshooting steps?