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[Solved] Splitting the lightening cable audio  


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A "Bus Buddy" (I commute to work on the bus) and I listen and play a trivia podcast together on our commute.

With iPhone 7 and the "Lightning Only Audio", I find splitting the audio tedious since we both have recent iPhones.

Is there a way to get two headphones connected to the iPhones without my current method of "Lightning -> 3.5mm", "3.5mm Y", "two 3.5mm earbuds".  

Most of the adapters that are dual lightning play audio through one and charge on the other.

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@joel-frederick, That brings up another thought I had: once you get to an analog output, you can just use a standard headphone splitter and you're good to go. 

Here's a 2-way for $7.99 and a 5-way splitter for just $9.49.

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That's exactly where I ended up going...    Found one at Target for $5


I looked around a bit on Amazon, and most of the stuff there will only support audio on ONE Lightning port at a time.

In fact, it seems like this may be a limitation of Lightning, though I can't be certain.

That said, I found this 3-way adapter with two Lightning ports and one analog headphone jack. This might be the way to go!

I'll take a look at that.   Thank you

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Just found this in the description:

  • 【Note】 Don’t support using the Lightning audio jack and the 3.5mm audio jack at the same time. If both audio jack is plugged with headphones, only the Lightning audio jack will work.