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[Solved] Stocks app color oddity  



Another minor but frustrating problem.

I use the stocks app across multiple devices: iPhone, iPad (I have two at the moment) and Mac. When I launch the Stocks app and stocks have gone app for the day (a rarity right now unfortunately), the stock values are all listed in green — as they should be.

The oddity is that on all of my devices — except one of the two iPads — the green is in a light shade. On the remaining iPad it's a dark shade. Because I am partially color-blind, the dark shade is hard for me to distinguish from red.

The color on the odd-man-out iPad is normal and matches the other devices in every other way. Stock listings is the one and only place I have found where there is a difference. I've checked all

Dark green
Light green

display settings on each iOS device and nothing there shows any difference.

Any idea what is causing this and what can be done to "fix" it? Thanks.

P.S. The two attached files will hopefully allow you to see the difference.


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2 Answers

Problem solved....thanks to a call to Apple Support...which eventually got escalated to their "Accessibility Team." Someone there was familiar with the symptom and knew what to do:

Gol to the Accessibility options in Settings. Locate Increase Contrast. If you have the symptom, it should be on. Turn it off. Colors restored! Yay!


Have you checked Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations ?

In particular you may have turned on, or not turned on, one of the color ( or "colour" in Australia) filters on just that iPad?

Good thought. But that isn't it.