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Syncing iPhone and iPad without a computer...  



I am trying to help my friend get her iPad and iPhone 8 to have the same information on them. She has an email and a email-the latter is the one used for her Apple ID. 

My question is-does she need an iCloud email address in order to sync her 2 devices without using a computer? 

I am trying to help her out and it's driving me crazy!! Thanks for the help, Judy

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I can think of three approaches:

  1. Back up one device to iCloud. Restore that backup to the second device.
  2. If iOS 12.4 or later is installed on both devices, restore one device and transfer directly from the other device
  3. Find a friend with a Mac or PC to use iTunes to back up one device and restore the backup to the second device

To back up to iCloud does she have to have an iCloud email address? 

Ok... Thanks! 

No. Any Apple ID will do. The device just has to be signed in to that identity in Apple ID settings.


Ok. Well, the next time we get together, I will have to read your suggestions and see if any of them work. Thank you!