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The Mysterious Case of Missing CarPlay Apps  



I'm new to CarPlay. While I think it's awesome that I have audiobooks, podcasts, Apple & Waze navigation apps, multiple choices for music, messages, and an upcoming calendar, there are three apps I wish I had:

1. Gas station apps. While I love my new Subaru Outback's Travel Link gas app that allows me to see all the nearby stations and their prices, I understand that's part of SiriusXM and will die when my subscription ends. 

Sure, I could just look it up on GasBuddy on the phone. While driving. Seriously. Why isn't there a gas app for CAR play? 

2. Weather apps. I know. Roll down the window and you'll see the weather. But maybe you'd really like to know what the rest of your commute will be like for the day. Maybe you're on a road trip and would like to know what you can expect. 

3. News. I'm not a news junkie. News these days tends to rile me up. But for those who'd like to spend 5 minutes catching up on certain topics or the daily news, why is there no news app?


Am I missing something? What do all of you do for these apps while in your cars? 

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FYI: Waze has gas station information as one of its options 


OMG, I just got Carplay and I've been dying for an MGG app! Using the MGG app on the phone is not only tricky when Carplay is running, it also has limited functionality such as lack of the fwd/back 15-second buttons. The other option is to use the Podcasts app but I've been enjoying the MGG app for a long time and it has all of the episodes I've listened to already marked.


Well yeah.I too got carplay and too much excited for the app..Hopefully it is not delayed more 


Thanks for the information..