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Transfer from TWO old iPads to a NEW iPad ?  



I have two OLD ipads -- one on ios 9 and the other on ios 10 -- and I just got a NEW iPad (on ios 12).  I want to transfer apps from both old ipads to the new iPad. I know I could just re-download the apps from the App Store. But then I'd lose all the data in the apps, right? So instead, I want to TRANSFER the apps and data from two old iPads, which are backed up via iMazing. 

In iMzaing, I started a TRANSFER, from the ios-10 iPad, but iMazing strongly suggests also ERASING the TARGET iPad. 

Does that mean the new iPad is DOWNGRADED from ios-12 to ios-10? 

Even if I do that, then update the new ipad to ios 12 (which seems ridiculous), then what about the apps I want to transfer from the ios-9 iPad? 

I've heard on MGG that iMazing is great, at least better than iTunes. But I'm confused by how it works. 

How can I move apps and data from two old iPads to a new iPad (on a newer ios)?

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So yes, use the "Restore" function to migrate everything from one of the old iPads across to the new iPad (allowing an erase of the target). As far as I'm aware this won't downgrade the version of iOS (partly because Apple typically refuses to verify new installations of old iOS versions).  

The you need to individually transfer apps from a backup of the other old iPad to the new iPad. The iMazing support article might help explain: