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unlock remotely for buyer  



I've got a bit of an urgent problem, does anyone have advice on this. I sold my iPad as spares /repair on eBay after I had changed the battery. I sold it because the iPad still didn't work with the new battery.

The buyer has repaired it but it wants my iCloud details as it is locked.

Is there much danger in giving him the details then changing the password as soon as he has reset it. Or is there a way for me to let him restore it.

Any help much appreciated 🙂

2 Answers

Do you have the iCloud details? If you have send it to him in order to solve the issue. 


Check the “remote wipe” option in Find My...   I think remote wipe disables activation lock as part of wiping the device, but verify I’m correct before doing so. 

Thanks @cpragman I went to find my and it had the option of erase iPad but only when it reconnected to the internet. And he would have had to insert my iCloud details to connect it which i didn't want to do. After a VERY long apple chat we worked out that me removing it as one of 'my devices' in iCloud meant that he could then initialise it from scratch using iTunes/mac. Thanks for taking the time to reply 🙂