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Weird glitch # 117: iOS Bluetooth bug?  



I have so much advanced technology in my home right now...that it seems something must go wrong every day. Often inexplicably. Here's the latest:

I have a Clavinova CLP-645 piano with Bluetooth. Both my iPhone and iPad have been paired to the piano and use it as a Bluetooth speaker if I choose. They automatically connect to the piano as soon as I turn it on.

At least my old iPad Pro did. Now, the iPhone continues to work fine with the piano. But my NEW iPad Pro 11" (replacing my old one) does not work right in this regard. In particular:

1. After having been paired, it will not connect with the piano either automatically (when turned on) or manually. If I select the piano from the Bluetooth menu in iPad's Settings, I get an Failed to Connect error.

2. If I delete the piano from the iPad's Bluetooth list in Settings, I can re-pair it. It then connects and works fine until after the first disconnect. Then it's back to Point #1 above.

3. What makes this even weirder is that the new iPad does not show this symptom with any other Bluetooth device. And, similarly, the piano does not have this problem with my iPhone or other iOS devices. It's just some weird bug that only occurs with the unique combination of my new iPad and piano.

Any ideas as to how to fix it?

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I think your problem may be that you are trying to pair your iPad and iPhone to the Clavinova CLP-645 piano at the same time and after looking over the user manual it does not look like that would be something it supports. So I would make sure that you only have one device paired to it at the same time as it is possible that your iPhone is auto-paring to the piano and then when you try to pair your iPad to it, it errors out.

If that is not what is going on I would recommend restarting your iPad and seeing if that solves the problem. If that does not fix it the next thing I would do is reset the network settings on your iPad:

As that does sound like what will end up fixing the problem.

As to trying to pair both devices at the same time: Nope. I already considered that and the problem persists even without the iPhone involved.

As to restarting the iPad: Nope. Tried it and that was not it either.

As to resetting Network settings: Didn't try it but it seems unlikely. I have no other networking problems with the iPad. And the iPad seems to have had this problem out of the box.




Well I would still try resetting the network Settings as it does clear the preferences for both the WiFi and the Bluetooth items so just because you are not have any problems connecting to WiFi networks does not mean that clearing that setting would be a waste of time.

One other thing to try is to reboot the piano and see if that fixes it. If not, then your best bet would be to get in touch with Yamaha and see what they have to say about it as there really is no anything else that can be done from the iOS side of things.

I'll try the Network settings reset. But it's all just so weird. If the problem is with the network settings on iPad, why does the iPad connect to all other Bluetooth and WiFi devices just fine? Conversely, if the problem is with the piano, why does it connect to all my other iOS devices just fine? Why is the problem restricted to just this particular pairing? I can't come up with a good theory that would explain this. The only possibility that makes any sense to me is that there is a bug in the iOS software that affects the new iPad but not my older iOS devices. If so, hopefully Apple will eventually fix it.




If you read the linked HT from Apple about what happens when you Reset Network Settings you will see it clears the preferences for BOTH WiFi and Bluetooth and really is the only way to do that on iOS using the built in tools. Most likely you just have a bad pairing preference file for the piano. This is not an uncommon problem to have with bluetooth as I have seen it happen across platforms (macOS, iOS and Windows) and normally is not a bug in the Bluetooth driver. Not saying it is not possible, but from my experience it is a preference thing. So do not look for Apple to fix this as I do not think anything is broken in their software.

Well, I did try the Network Settings reset and (yeah and thank you) it did have a beneficial effect. Now, when I turn on the piano — a message pops up on my iPad asking if I want to pair the iPad with Piano. If I say yes, it connects successfully! No more Failed to Connect error message. Big improvement!

Still, on my iPhone X, I don't get that message. It just automatically connects without me having to answer any pairing request. Still not sure why the difference. [And, I might add that the message does not pop up on the iPad when pairing to other Bluetooth devices.] But the current situation is good enough not to be an annoyance anymore.




Great! Glad to hear that you got your problem solved. As to why you are not seeing the paring prompt on your iPhone X, if it is automatically connecting then it would make sense that it would not be prompting you. Yes, it is a bit odd that the iPad would be handling this BT connection differently but as long as it works that is the most important thing.

It seems I spoke to soon. The glitch has now returned.

I give up!



Sorry to hear that. I would see what Apple/Yamaha has to say as I would wonder if they have heard about this issue?