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When to get a new phone?


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I'm not one of those folks who needs or wants a new phone every year. If you add up the yearly cost of tech, your financial advisor might keel over. That said, I have an iPhone 7 and Hubs has an iPhone 6. Apple is offering $150 for the iPhone 6 if we upgrade to an Xr or Xs.

It's tempting, mostly because of end-of-life issues with the 6. How much longer before Apple stops updates for it? 

The big thing for me is face ID. I don't think I'd like it very much, but resistance is futile. I'm used to reaching over on the nightstand or sofa or cup holder in the car and without looking, being able to press that Home button. Or just say, "Hey, Siri!" I've heard there are issues with this.

So, thoughts on getting an Xr or Xs? What do you like? What do you not like?

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I'm love people being able to keep their old phones for years and years, as the original owner or sold used. I typicly recommend people to upgrade to the very latest model if they have to upgrade at all, as this will have the most future support, also apps will take advantage of the new technology.

My best guess: your iPhone 6 is good for at least 2 more years, before Apple stops pushing updates. 

I would not buy now, if you can live with your iPhone. Buy the most recent ones in the fall.