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new apple tv box running apps or fire tv running apple app Poll is created on Sep 19, 2021


which box? Fire Tv or Apple TV 4K


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OK another question i have now is that my Sony TV is too new to replace & the updates to run AppleTv are not comming.

i have had for many years a Kindle Fire stick and its been rock solid but again this is now too old to get the apple app.


so go i get the Apple TV 4K  and load the prime/netfix apps (£150) 

or  get a Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD  and load apple TV app (£90 max - £50 + usb power £20 + 3 months apple £15)

or another option????

why why that option as i am torn.




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Apple is now selling refurbished AppleTV 4k. The price is about $30 less. Good deal. 

@cpragman yep it is good . i was thinking of getting one in the black friday specials - all options will be 10-20% less.
BUT ... why get the apple hardware over the other . i don't see any massive difference except ,price but its apple so you would expect it and preference of interface