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Why don't I receive notifications for E-mails?


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I have iPhone 6 and I don't get a notification for iPhone mails. Please help to an active notification. 

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So you first need to check in Settings > Mail > Notifications  (or Settings > Notifications > Mail gets you to the same place).

With Notifications turned on you then get a set of options for which accounts and/or favourite mailboxes you get notifications (Allow Notifications) and additionally you configure where they show (Lock Screen / Notification Centre / Banners) and how long they show (Banner Style).

If these settings all appear to be correct, try the TOTO (turn off, turn on) trick for one or several of those settings to get the preferences to be "rewritten" into the operating system. 


A soft reset of the iPhone could also help if the notifications used to work and suddenly stopped.


You need to Enable Push Notifications and here are the steps:

Tap on the Settings icon from your Home Screen.
Scroll to find and tap on Accounts & Passwords.
Tap on Fetch New Data.
Find the toggle next to Push. The toggle button will display green when this option is enabled. If the toggle button is not green, tap on it to enable it.
Once Push is enabled, scroll down to locate your Mail Account from within the list of accounts and tap on it.
Under Select Schedule a check mark will appear next to the active schedule for your Mail Account. Tap on Push.

Once you have enabled Push through the settings on your iOS device, it is recommended that you close and then restart the Mail App, to ensure this setting is updated immediately. If the Mail App was not previously opened, then you can simply open the Mail App and the new schedule should take effect.