Yet another Family Sharing question  



I know MGG has discussed Family Sharing conundrums in the past, but here's a new one. Say my child has been on my Family Sharing for several years. Now they're ready to go off on their own so they set up a new iCloud/iTunes account and re-download/re-purchase all their apps. 

What about their data? Will re-purchasing require deleting the old app first? If so, will they lose their data? Or does Apple have a way to break off a family member into an independent account that lets them continue on without any data loss?


When I moved my kids into family sharing they didn’t lose data from apps they already had so I assume the reverse would be true,

You could test it by setting up a new account to add to family .


When you leave family sharing you loose access to apps etc bought by other members of family

So, the issue is, how does Apple hanfdle this? As stated previulsy I think it’s worth testing on a dummy account first.



Oh, huh. That has changed. I think. I would’ve sworn they initially said that anything you downloaded from other members’ shared purchased would remain as part of your account when you left. 


@sbedford is right about this. You should be able to just remove that child-now-adult's account from your family share and they'll be on their own, retaining full access to all the apps they've previously downloaded as part of the family.