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'18 MacBook Air Fan Spins Up During Video Calls


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I recently recommended a client get a 2018 MBA. Her needs are simple, word processing, web browsing, and video conferencing. She just emailed me the following:

"Checking in, I am feeling very mixed about my new MacBook Air. I presume there's not much I can do about it, but it's seeming to have some trouble coping with video calls (right now the fan is blowing hard and loud). This doesn't seem like such a heavy lift. I wonder if I'd be better off with a more robust machine."

Is this expected behavior? Should I set her up with a fan control utility for video conferencing?

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What software is doing the video call?


Is there other 3rd party software installed, such as anti-virus, Mac cleaners, memory cleaners, customer kernel extensions, device drivers, etc...


Does the problem happen if booted into Safe mode?


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It happens with google hangouts & zoom. 3rd party software is minimal. no memory cleaners or anything like that.