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2008 Mac Pro Freezes After Selecting a boot option in Startup Manager  



I have a 2008 Mac Pro that boots to a flashing ? folder icon. I cannot boot into Recovery. I can boot into the Startup Manager by holding the Option key. In Startup Manager, a configured hard drive ...

2 Answers

After selecting the boot option, hold the "Shift" key until you see the white Apple logo.  This should boot in Safe mode.

If you cannot get to Safe mode, then there is nothing on the boot disk to work with.

Do you have a bootable external clone backup?

A 2008 Mac Pro should also have the orignal installation DVD you could try booting from that as well, and using Disk Utility from the Utilities Menu.


Was there supposed to be more here, @impathegreat? If you can't boot into Recovery, soemething's wrong with the way the drive is formatted. You'd need to create an OSX 10.11 boot disk (or boot USB) or boot the Mac in Target Disk Mode and reformat from there. If there's something damaged with the drive, that process should begin to reveal it.

Hmm - the post looks to me like one of the spam attempts that does a cut & paste of a legitimate question from another forum to give a level of authenticity and then subsequently either alters the post to include spam, or uses the approved profile to post other spam. Happy to be proved wrong if they respond with more details or results!

No, @kiwigraham, I think you're right. I've been keeping an eye on @impathegreat, but the question is valid, so I kept that here. 😉