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2008 Word Comments Gone After Saving  



I added about 300 comments to an important document, saved my work as I went, and went to e-mail it to the recipient. I double-checked the document was right and when it opened, ALL the comments were gone. I did View-Toolbars-Reviewing and clicked Final Showing Markup. Now I can see little blocks with the page number inside them where all the comments are, but I still cannot see the comments themselves. Anyone have any idea how to see the comments? Or in the future how can I save them so they are actually saved when I go to send the document?

I have received documents with comments before, so it's got to be a thing. I just can't figure it out!

What happens if you change to a Reviewing view other than Final?

Yes, I no longer have an installation of the 2008 version, but I strongly suspect it’s just a matter of getting the right viewing option selected.

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I tried every view option and it's still just little boxes with the page numbers inside. 😔 

So I dragged out my old MacBook which still has Office 2008 and tried to replicate your symptoms with all the different "view" and "show" and "layout" options - without success.

Therefore I think you have a glitch - rather than it being an option that has been "flipped".

Rebooting the Mac, if you haven't already tried that, is the 1st option to try & zap "glitches".

Maybe determine if this is affecting just that one document or if it also affects other existing, or newly created testing, documents with markup comments added?