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[Solved] 2014 mac mini having issues on mojave!  



 recently updated my late 2014 mac mini to OS Mojave, and I’ve been experiencing many issues. simple apps like google chrome and 1password are taking forever to load, and youtube videos hardly even play. I was curious if I was the only person with this problem, and possible ways to fix it! thanks!

edit: Apps seem to be loading fine, but my computer just refuses to connect to wifi. I’m not on ethernet.

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I find it is not uncommon for post-upgrade machines to have a few performance issues and part of that is “optimisation” that happens in the background after the upgrade.

But for “glitches” and strange slowness I generally recommend trying a safe mode restart (or an Onyx cleanup) to clear out caches etc that might no longer be consistent with the new OS.

Generic safe mode steps pasted below:


Boot into Safe Mode (up to 15 Minutes)

• Shut down the computer.

• Press the power button to start the Mac and immediately afterwards press and hold down the left Shift key until you see a progress bar or the Apple logo.

• Your Mac will do some cleanup steps and show a progress bar. This may take up to half an hour - let it run even if the progress bar doesn't seem to move.

• This should end up at the login screen with "Safe Mode" written in red at top right. If not, then Safe Mode didn't engage, shut down & try the procedure again.

• Login to your account (you're still in "Safe Mode" so it may look a little different including a flickering screen, don't panic!) but don't start any apps or programs.

• Leave the Mac like that for 5 minutes to "settle down".

• Shutdown and restart normally. (This restart step is important - don't forget to do it!)

• Note: This cleanup procedure deletes various "cache" files used by the operating system and apps. The next time they run they may have to recreate those cache files - so it is normal for the first restart of the Mac and the first launch of any app after a Safe Mode reset to take longer than normal.


Another issue that often happens when installing a major upgrade, is that 3rd party software (anti-virus, Mac cleaners, and other background services...) do not always play nice with the new major macOS release.

If performance improves in Safe mode, that is a strong indication that something you have installed is interfering with macOS.

Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor can sometimes identify apps that are using too much CPU, Disk or network resources.

EtreCheck can be useful in identifying the 3rd party installs


I'll second both of these responses and also suggest OnyX for cache cleaning and other maintenance. Safe Mode will do most of this, for sure, but OnyX goes a little deeper into the corners.