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2018 Mac Mini ethernet problems


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My work 2018 Mac Mini running Mojave 10.14.3 has Ethernet problems, 80-90% of the time in the AM when I come in it takes 2-5 min before the Ethernet adapter will show "connected" and work. I've tried different cables, a different switch in my office and even rebuilding the Location profile in the Network settings. I do not have any sleep or other power settings configured. Also sporadically on some days when I'm away from my desk from 20-60minutes or even longer I'll have the same issue and then I'll have a string of days without problems.

Any other ideas?



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Further isolation testing, if possible, might include:

  1. Connect another device/computer on that cable to see if the same problems are experienced.
  2. Boot into Safe Mode to see if the problem still occurs
  3. Boot into recovery mode and use Safari or Terminal commands to check the port status. eg. networksetup -getinfo Ethernet