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[Solved] 2018 macbook pro 13inch with 256GB of available memory. How much memory is available to user after OS etc is installed? Please help  



I am interested in purchasing the 2018 macbook pro 13inch computer with 256GB of available memory. However, I was curious to know how much available memory will be available after all of the preinstalled applications are installed (ie Operating system etc). 

1 Answer

I do not have a vanilla system to look at, but I have a fairly new company issued 13" Macbook Pro with a  handful of company installed apps (think system resource sucking anti-virus, and similar).  I have not stored much personal stuff on it.

This system is using 22GB.  I suspect if the company stuff was not on this system, there would be somewhere under 20GB.  This would be macOS and all the standard Apple apps that come with a new Mac.

So you should have at least 225GB of free space for your own use.