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2019 iMac, no T2 chip?  



Why is there not a T2 chip on the new iMac? Even the Mac Mini had the T2. Thinking Apple really missed the boat by not including it w/ the new iMacs. A i9 w/ the T2 would have been awesome 

It’s because Apple still think about people like me. People who needs OSX in an artistic way like myself and other OS as Linux or FreeBSD for other work or something else as relax ( personally FreeBSD is my main OS, Mac OS X is my second OS), are just fucked.


With this T2 crap chip I could for exemple buy an IMac PRO but I could only use OS X (and windows via bootcamp) but I could not use my FreeBSD anymore, even if I boot from an external drive even if I disable the secure boot.... there is nothing to do (Until a day a good hacker could contourn this).


And the worst is that at the beginning I wanted to buy an IMac PRO .... Well because this chip you like so much I’ve had to bought an IMac 2019 « just » an IMac (non pro)

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I like your logic, @killbiitch, but... I think the reason is much simpler: the T2 chip is really built to be used with SSDs, and there are configurations of the new iMac that include a rotational drive. 

The Mac mini – and every other T2-equipped Mac – only comes with SSDs as the boot drive, and lends itself to the features of the T2 chip.