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2019 MacBook Pro specs...  



Hi all-I am looking into a new MBP. I have a 2014 MBP which is working fine. I have replaced the battery twice (swollen both times) and the screen once. It has a 1T SSD. It meets my needs but I am lusting after a newer one. 

I was looking at a refurbished one on the Apple website. I am wondering if a 2019 MBP would have the latest 10th gen processor... It doesn't say (see screenshots). In listening to a recent podcast there was talk about getting the latest gen for $200 more. I think it was a processor they were talking about. 

Anyway, is this a good model to look at? Thank you, Judy

PS-I don't do any heavy duty graphics. I do email and digging up my dead ancestors. 

Screen Shot 2020 06 30 at 9.03.33 PM
Screen Shot 2020 06 30 at 9.03.15 PM
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The 2019 13" still have the butterfly keyboards key switches.

The current 2019 16" and the 2020 13" are the models with the scissors keyboard key switches.

If you are going to switch Macs, at least stay away from the models with the Butterfly key switches (speaking as someone with the butterfly key switches).


Thank you for that advice! I knew there were differences in the keyboards but I didn't know what years had the butterfly ones... 


The 2020 model released in May has the scissor switch keyboard and 10th-gen CPU. Expect it to be available refurbished in August.


Oh, ok. I did find a good price on one at Best Buy-iCore 5 10th gen. $1700. Thanks for that tip though-I can wait till August I think. lol


After a month of ownership, I’m over the moon with it, expensive but definitely worth the expense !!!!!

That's great! I haven't quite convinced my husband that I "need" a new MacBook Pro... It's a work in progress.