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2020 MacBook Pro 13in 16gb Ram i5, should I?


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I know this has probably been talked about on the forums but the search didn't show.  I also know I have heard talk on the podcast about a similar topic and the answer was spend the extra money and get the m1's.

SO...  my question...  Would you buy a 2020 MacBook Pro 13inch with 16gb of ram 256SSD..  800.00 bucks.


A bit about me, I am a John F. Braun kinda guy and still rocking the Mid 2012 MacBook Pro which is juiced to the max.  The one thing wrong with it is the keyboard has a row of keys that died.  Not a big deal and it has been a wonderful machine since day 1.      Big Sur and other OS's down the road is the reason I am looking to move on from the 2012.


Please guys, I appreciate all the advice on this possible purchase.   I value you and your opinions. 



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An M1 MacBook Air bests that Intel MacBook Pro, unless you're hoping for the display brightness and audio advantages of the M1 MacBook Pro. You could get a refurbished Air for under $1100 with 512GB or for under $900 with 256GB.

well shit, Ben you nailed it for me. the M1 will have to be it. I do want the 16gb of memory, though.


buy a 2020 M1 MBP with 8GB and 512GB SSD


Or should you buy a 2020 M1 MBP with 8GB and 512GB SSD?

that is the question... what do you think?


My question is if you had a limited budget to spend on a refurb M1 8/8 MBA (since the onboard SSD swap is so fast) would it be better buy one with or RAM or bigger SSD?


They cost the same $1,229.00 today on the Apple Refurb site.

Or go really cheap and buy a 8/7 with 8GB RAM/256GB SSD $849.00?

Are folks getting spinning beach balls with the 8GB M1?


From what I've read, folks have tried to take these Macs to the limit and it's been very difficult to do with dozens of browser tabs or even multiple 4K videos playing. 8GB memory should be enough for most users so I'd focus on the amount of storage you need.

I am so caught up with getting more Ram, That was the deal back in the day, the more ram the better the performance. I was thinking external hard drives would be a better option then going with a larger SSD. If that 8gb is all that is needed.... I just don't know. It is a shame you can't upgrade it because if I could I would get the 8 and see how it worked

It's hard to say. You might just future proof yourself by choosing 16GB. Apple's silicon is tightly integrated much like on iPhone and iPad with storage, memory, and graphics memory deeply connected to each other.