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3 restarts for 10.13.6 security update  



I just installed the High Sierra security update. The file was 1.88GB and took less than 2 minutes to download. 

I clicked restart and the installer restarted my mini and started doing it's thing. Soon the progress bar got about a third of the way to complete and then suddenly reversed to about 1 tenth done, then restarted. Again the progress bar advanced some and then drew back again and then restarted for the third time. Soon a dialogue box under the progress bar told me about 45 minutes remaining. When it hit 40 minutes remaining it recalculated and said 47 minutes remaining. I watched it go down to 41 minutes remaining before I decided I better get the lawn mowed. I finished the lawn in about a half hour and came back to have the mini up and running with the App store open (with MS Office at the top of the page).

I am getting old but I seem to remember when the double start up upon upgrading first happened people were thinking something's wrong. No question just some rambling.


I'm in the middle of doing my update, and my iMac has just done its 2nd restart. The first one had a loud buzz. The 2nd restart just blanked the screen and thenn continued the install.

I just now got my login prompt.

But my total update time was more like 20 minutes.

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It’s become pretty normal for macOS updates to restart the Mac one or more times along the way and also to be inaccurate at estimating time remaining. The type of storage mechanism is definitely a variable here and I would expect a significantly longer install time on a hard disk than an SSD/Flash medium.