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87w charger on 16" MacBook Pro (MBP)  



Has anyone tried using an 87w USB power adapter with a new 2019 MBP 16"? I was wondering if I can use my existing chargers instead of having to buy additional 96w ones for around the house (not where I'll use most power - there I'll use the supplied adapter). Thanks! 

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Historically, you can plug the 60w 13” MacBook Pro charger into the 15” MacBook Pro and it charges. It charges more slowly but it never complains. 

System Information -> Power shows how much power the Mac is seeing, so the Mac knows and could complain if it needed to. 

Agreed. You'll likely find that the lower capacity charger will sometimes charge and sometimes just power your Mac when it is awake. It should be a fine charger when the Mac is asleep or shutdown.