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Anyone ever DIY touch bar replacement?


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I have a 2018 13" MBP with touch bar.  Recently, the touch bar will sometimes blink really brightly, like a camera flash.  When it happens, it's usually when I wake the Mac from sleep.  However, one time it happend when I turned on the Mac after being shut down overnight, and one time it was intermittently blinking while the Mac was in sleep mode.  It seems to be becoming more frequent, and also the number of blinks is increasing (used to be one, now it's usually two or three, but I've seen as many as six, excluding the time it was blinking while asleep).  None of Apple Support's suggestions helped, nor did resetting SMC/NVRAM/PRAM.  I'm pretty sure it's a hardware problem, because of the time it happened immediately upon power up.  The touch bar is usable once the blinking stops.

Has anyone ever attempted to replace the touch bar?  I'm a little afraid of what Apple might charge, but if it's too difficult for me to repair, then I guess I have no choice.

I wish there was a way to replace it with mechanical keys.  Not having a mechanical Esc key (until the final touch bar iteration) was a colossal mistake Apple should have anticipated, as it makes living with a dead touch bar pretty much impossible.  Since touch bar failure appears to be a fairly common issue, Apple should take responsibility and do a recall.