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APFS and Mojave  



2017 iMac 27" 3.4 GHz OS Version 10.13.6

Will the Mojave installer automatically convert from Mac OS Extended (Journaled) to APFS?

The suggested convert, detailed by the Mac Observer, to APFS on High Sierra using C+R resulted in a greyed out "Convert to APFS". 

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Theeditor, you probably have a Fusion Drive, that's why it wasn't an option to do it in HS. I have an SSD on my Macbook Pro so it was done with the High Sierra upgrade, but I think that now Mojave supports APFS onFusion Drive. Not sure if it's automatic or if you have to enable it though. If you have a choice, I probably would NOT do it though. Fusion drive are particularly fragile in my opinion.

Thanks Jeff. I have seen some writings that point to not having the choice of converting to APFS or not while updating to Mojave. I will be waiting to see if others with a Fusion Drive in their new iMacs have problems. It's time to do some research about this.