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Apparent power management/standby issues with 2013 MacBook Air  



Hi all,

I'm working with a mid 2013 MBA running High Sierra. I replaced the drive back in January with an OWC Aura Pro X2 to give it more oomph. It runs fast and seems to perform great, however the machine has strange issues seemingly related to power management or standby. When you restart the machine, for instance, the screen stays black for a solid 20 seconds after the startup chime, then the Apple logo appears. I have of course reset SMC and NVRAM but no love. The battery is at 81% health with an 809 cycle count. 

The client also complains it overheats. Here's the inquiry she sent me about it:
"I wanted to follow up on the issue below, which was the way my laptop would go black, usually when power charge was low our out, and not restart unless I press power button repeatedly.

Since [around the time the new drive was installed] I have had this issue intermittently although fairly regularly -  but it usually resolves itself after it is charged up again so I have just lived with it. Perhaps the only thing that is worse is that Mail crashes once in a while.
Today I used it, closed the lid, charge was low, so plugged it in.  Now it is charged (at least the charger connection is green) But every time I open it the screen remains black and no matter how many times I press that power button, nothing happens now.  Usually it would be non reactive, then chime twice and boot up, and I would sign in .
The apple light is on (the one lighting up the apple sign in the lid outside) and won’t go off no matter how many times I close and open the lid."

The double chime thing is odd to me. No idea what that's about.

Anyone have any thoughts?